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An Old Fashioned Doctor with a Cutting Edge Approach Dr. Edward Magaziner

“I am totally obsessed with the passion of healing.”

To hear those words spoken—softly and humbly, without conceit—reflects the higher calling of Dr. Edward Magaziner.

As I entered his office for the interview, the plain and simple décor gave no hint of the depth of the work being accomplished. His soft and gentle presence suggested a compassionate heart, yet masked a powerful intellect driven to open doors to greater healing. By the end of my evening with Dr. Magaziner, however, I knew this night would stand high on my list of amazing life experiences.

From the moment we settled down to talk, Dr. Magaziner was generous in sharing his life story. He began, naturally, at the beginning, from birth, to growing up in Englewood, NJ and graduating from Ithaca College in 1973. Sprinkled in the conversation were research experiences, pivotal collaborations and important friendships. Underlying it all was his continued thirst to always know more.

His desire to find that undiscovered gem or learn how new knowledge might tie into his present work drove him to attend countless lectures. Yet, it was his work as a physical therapist that triggered his quest to become the doctor he is today. The study of the body combined with seven years of practical experience helping patients at The Albert Einstein Hospital in New York gave him a foundation well-suited for his future—a life dedicated to repair, regenerate and eliminate injury or pain and its causes.

He just didn’t know how broad his future would expand.

First, he headed West—graduating from Chicago Medical, before returning East to work a year of Surgery at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, and finished his residency as Chief Resident at New York Medical College in 1989 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He then began his medical work in the Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at St. Peters University Hospital before going into private practice in 1992.

Dr. Magaziner describes himself as a bit of an old fashioned doctor with a cutting edge approach to treatment. “My best diagnostic tools are ears to listen and hands that actually feel where the pain is coming from,” states Magaziner. He calls this “the Sherlock Holmes approach.” Only after this thorough examination does he bring in technological tools like MRI, EMG nerve, and ultrasound testing.

Ultimately, his approach to healing lies in belief in the body’s ability to heal itself (with a little help and a bit of a nudge from science and technology). However, his “little help and nudge” collection is truly amazing.

His treatment options include Prolotherapy (Prolo) which uses growth factor technology and science to heal soft tissue injuries and arthritis pain. Prolo stimulates the repair and regeneration process that wakes up the body’s healing process.

He is also passionate about curing pain with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and non-Surgical Joint reconstruction. “We use PRP for patients who were told they needed hip, shoulder or knee replacement,” says Magaziner. “It works reliably over 90% of the time, and patients can return to work with no surgery needed.”

The latest treatments embrace growth factors, stem cells, and leading-edge methods to repair and regenerate nerves and injured body parts. His passion for these innovative treatments is evident as each proves helpful in providing new ways to help his patients return to health and mobility.

While Dr. Magaziner continues to expand his knowledge of every available up-and-coming treatment, he also understands the need for less technical modalities. His patients feel encouraged by his caring approach, and are also given explanations on the importance of massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, a positive attitude and open mind.

In closing, I decided to come down from the lofty heights of healing and ask a personal question. “What are your hobbies?” I asked. “This…right here.” Magaziner replied. “Trying to heal, fix, and discover new ways, new pathways to my patients health—this is my hobby.”

In short, Dr. Magaziner is living the life he loves.

Location:  Edward Magaziner, MD, East Coast Spine, Sports and Regenerative Medicine, 2186 Rt. 27, Ste 2D, North Brunswick, NJ. 877-817-3273.

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