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Unconditional What?

There was a time in my life where I professed that unconditional love amongst humans did not exists and was simply not possible. Unconditional love was something that was universal, godlike, a higher form not for the lower realm of humanity. I was even quite pessimistic and sarcastic about it. Now that I can look back, I understand why I professed that with so much conviction.

Today, I truly know, believe and profess differently. Unconditional love is the only kind of love. There simply is no other kind. Conditional love is simply not love.

It is expectation, it is assumption, it is selfish need, and it arises out of our fears and our wounds from the past.

So, I was broken and wounded… aren’t we all to some degree?

The shift from “not possible” to “the only kind” happened because I made a commitment to heal my own wounds from the past. I had a huge longing to be free and to be an instrument of love, so I chose to let love heal me, instead of looking for people, places or things to heal me. I decided to go right to the Source.

This happened because I was seeking a deeper experience of life and came upon a spiritual teaching that really spoke to my soul. It taught me that this Unconditional Infinite Love was already within me; always had been and always will be. I taught me that I was worthy of this Love.

Now Love is sweet, simple, free, and delightful and it still continues to challenge and grow me. And why not? It’s Infinite!

The Reverend Doctor Frankie Timmers is the Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living Morristown, 331 Mt Kemble Ave., Morristown. 973-539-3114.

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