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The Wellness Gala Deb Peterson

Aug 28, 2017 04:58PM
When Deb Peterson’s eldest son was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome, her world was turned upside-down. She exhausted all traditional medical treatments available, yet his symptoms worsened and his prognosis was bleak. According to the mainstream medical community, there is no cure for the syndrome and, over time, the symptoms can worsen. Unaware of holistic healing but desperate to help her son, she turned to alternative modalities as a last resort. An energy healer, Dr. Robert Kandarjian, completely healed her son of Tourettes. After this incredible experience, Deb has immersed herself in holistic healing and spends her life promoting these modalities.

The idea to create a Wellness Gala event grew from her realization that integrative healing modalities can work miracles. Her goal is to inform people everywhere that these modalities are legitimate options that can help any type of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues or problems.

Over 10 years, The Balance Your Life Wellness Gala has established itself as a unique event that provides attendees the opportunity to experience the special gifts of a select group of practitioners. Holistic health concepts and modalities, rejuvenation and stress reduction techniques, and personal growth workshops are all featured at the Balance Your Life Wellness Gala events. Attendees have access to carefully chosen experts in the fields of health, beauty and wellness, who give unlimited mini sessions, play live music, present workshops, give demonstrations and more. A coffee bar, specialty pastries and assorted cheeses are included.

This October marks the tenth anniversary of the creation of the Wellness Gala, of which over 300 events have been hosted nationwide. On October 8, Deb plans on presenting the most ambitious Gala to date. The event will be held at the Sheraton Hotel, 199 Smith Road in Parsippany from 12 to 6pm. It will feature keynote speaker Mas Sajady, transformation catalyst. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Connor Cummings Memorial Scholarship.

For information, call 973-713-6811 or

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