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Awakening to Higher Brain Living

By Nikki Conte, N.D. and Lauren Joyce

Have you ever experienced a deep, powerful longing to create significant transformation in your life, and yet found it to be surprisingly difficult? Are you on a quest to explore the evolution of human consciousness? The reason we struggle to gain enlightenment seems to lie, at least in part, in our physiology. Specifically, in the fact that our lower brain is “hard-wired” for survival and is dominated by the “fight or flight” impulse. It creates a state of hyper vigilance, stress and anxiety in which anything new is seen as life-threatening. Our lower brain, focused solely on survival, does everything it can to resist or prevent change, dutifully sounding the internal stress alarms. It is poorly suited for the complexities and ever-increasing pace of modern living, nor is it equipped to dissipate stress and generate forward momentum.

Clearly, it’s time to break free of the lower brain’s dominance, and a groundbreaking new modality is leading the way. Pioneered by Dr. Michael Cotton D.C., it’s known as Higher Brain Living, and it centers on the concept of “enlightenment physiology.” Utilizing a light-touch technique, a Certified Facilitator introduces contacts specifically designed to liberate energy blocks throughout the body and to create a surge of energy to the part of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex, or “Higher Brain.” Humans generally only harness between 10 to 15% of this latent potential. As this latent part becomes more energized, it creates observable shifts in neuroplasticity and brain activity consistent with Higher Order levels of thought and coherence. It’s even measurable during EEG studies.

The prefrontal cortex sends organized neuronal connections to other parts of the brain while releasing stress, tension and anxiety. This newly energized Higher Brain generates waves of energy that promotes focus and a deep sense of purpose while creating the conditions necessary for profound personal transformation. It promotes increased access and receptivity to higher states of consciousness that meditators and monks have sought for so long.

Furthermore, these advanced states seem to hold the potential of ushering a sustainable shift in brain evolution. This is what sets Higher Brain Living apart: it addresses brain physiology, as the “missing link” in both personal transformation and human consciousness.

Dr. Nikki Conte has been practicing naturopathic holistic health for over 20 years. She is a Mastery-Level Facilitator of Higher Brain Living. She is also certified in cranio-sacral therapy and therapeutic massage.

Lauren Joyce is a neurofeedback therapist and a Mastery-Level Facilitator of Higher Brain Living. She holds additional certifications in QHHT, Awesomeism, and Marconics No Touch Protocol. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist.

For more information, contact Lauren Joyce at [email protected] or call 646-712-2423. Dr. Conte can be reached at 908-75404480. Additional resources can be found at 

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