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Awakening to Higher Brain Living Retreat

Oct 11, 2017 12:52PM
Have you ever experienced a deep, powerful longing to create significant transformation in your life, and yet found it to be surprisingly difficult? The reason we struggle to gain enlightenment seems to lie, at least in part, in our physiology. Specifically, in the fact that our lower brain is “hard-wired” for survival and is dominated by the “fight or flight” impulse. It is poorly suited for the complexities and ever-increasing pace of modern living, nor is it equipped to dissipate stress and generate forward momentum. That’s where Higher Brain Living comes in. Pioneered by Dr. Michael Cotton, D.C., it centers on the concept of “enlightenment physiology.” Join Dr. Nikki Conte and Lauren Joyce for their HBL transformational immersion retreat on Sunday, November 12, from 10am to 5:30pm, at Physical Therapy Unlimited in Warren.

Utilizing a light-touch technique, a Certified Facilitator introduces contacts specifically designed to liberate energy blocks throughout the body and to create a surge of energy to the part of the brain known as the pre-frontal cortex, or “Higher Brain.” As this latent part of the brain becomes more energized, it creates observable shifts in neuroplasticity and brain activity consistent with Higher Order levels of thought and coherence.

This retreat includes: two hands-on HBL Immersion sessions, two contemplative sessions, access to video and audio resources, a beautiful workbook/manual, and direct awareness and experience of your infinite, transcendent self. Participants can expect to experience increased joy, confidence and peace through the awakening and strengthening of dormant physiological pathways.

Registration is required. The early registration discount is $159, including manual and materials. After October 29, registration is $199.

Dr. Nikki Conte N.D. and Lauren Joyce are both Master-Level Facilitators of HBL.

Location: Physical Therapy Unlimited, 23 Mountain Boulevard, Warren. To register, call Lauren Joyce at 646-712-2423 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit or call 908-754-4480. 


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