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Consider Quantum Healing Meditation Session to Alleviate Stress

When we experience stress and anxiety in our everyday life, our body reacts by releasing certain biochemical substances into the bloodstream that have the potential to create illness. “In order to counter this biochemical imbalance and resultant disease processes, it is important to re-establish the continuous flow of life force energy through your Chakra system,” comments Makiko Suzuki Fliss, owner of Rayki Love and Rayki School.

“These forgotten ancient teachings can accelerate body/mind healing through a series of simple steps. This is a universal healing technique not associated with any particular religion or discipline,” adds Fliss. “The fastest, deepest and most powerful way to balance your energy is to tap into your Quantum fields. These techniques bring together science and spirituality for a potent healing process.”

Fliss studied Biomedical Sciences at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and cancer biology in various institutions including Johns Hopkins University and Meiji University in Japan. Fliss retains a PhD and is a certified Craniosacral therapist and Reiki Master. With this accumulated knowledge, she continues to explore how the human body and mind are interconnected, and how to maintain perfect harmony to stay young and healthy. Her focus is to spread her knowledge and share how every person can utilize this innate tool to reduce stress and ignite their power within. ​Her modalities include Rayki, Reiki, and Quantum healing meditation.

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