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By June Portnoy

Paul M. Bizzaro, D.C. discovered the benefits of chiropractic treatments at the young age of 13 when he hurt his lower back slipping on ice.

“Even though I didn’t fall, I braced myself for the fall and this unguarded movement caused an injury similar to whiplash,” describes Dr. Bizzaro. “The pain was so severe I had to crawl into my house because I couldn’t stand up. After a few chiropractic treatments, the pain subsided.”

As a result of this positive chiropractic experience, Dr. Bizzaro became a practicing chiropractor 26 years ago, establishing his private practice in Yardley four years ago. “I have the advantage of being able to empathize with my patients, having been a patient myself,” says Dr. Bizzaro. “This helps me relate well with the people I treat.”

He uses a combination of chiropractic treatments, laser therapy, supplements and therapeutic massages to reduce all types of pain and improve his patients’ overall health. You might associate chiropractic treatments with the unpleasant cracking sound heard during hard force spinal manipulations. However, you won’t hear that noise when Dr. Bizzaro adjusts your spine because unlike so many chiropractors, he uses a soft force technique.

“By using this light touch with my hands, my clients are barely aware that I’m touching them,” describes Dr. Bizzaro. “They just know they feel better when I’m done.” Because he uses such a light touch, he has treated bone cancer patients, helping to alleviate their pain and improve their quality of life without any concern about causing a fracture. “There are no side effects to what I do, enabling me to treat people of all ages from infants to seniors,” says Dr. Bizzaro.

In order to heal more patients, Dr. Bizzaro recently introduced a state-of-the-art, FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved MLS laser to his practice. “Other chiropractors might have hand-held lasers, but I don’t think any other chiropractor around has this fully robotic laser,” says Dr. Bizzaro. “This is a class four laser, meaning it can penetrate deeper. The laser heals at the cellular level, while chiropractic treatments heal through the nervous system.”

With this laser, Dr. Bizzaro can now treat patients with fractures and dislocations. Because the laser works at the cellular level, it decreases pain and inflammation, causing cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles to repair themselves faster, leading to a quicker recovery.

Plus, it’s pain-free, has no side effects and provides long-term relief, and best case scenario, permanent relief!

Dr. Bizzaro uses this laser on lots of athletes with sports injuries, so they get back into the game faster.

This laser is also very effective in treating arthritic patients.

Still another way Dr. Bizzaro helps his patients’ health is with the variety of supplements he offers on-site.

As a child, Dr. Bizzaro was often sick from food-related allergies, but the medicines prescribed to treat these allergies made him feel worse.

“I got sick and tired of being sick and tired,” says Dr. Bizzaro, who turned to supplements to feel better. Once again, he can empathize with patients wanting to try something different like supplements to improve their health.

In addition, Dr. Bizzaro’s office has two certified massage therapists available to give therapeutic massages, ideal for reducing pain and stress. “Everything I provide in this office has a cumulative effect on my patients, which ultimately helps them heal better,” says Dr. Bizzaro.

Find out how Dr. Bizzaro can help improve your health by calling 215-493-6589 to set up a free consultation.


Dr. Bizzaro’s practice is located at 81 S. Main Street in Yardley. For information, visit

Article previously published in the Yardley Voice, February 2017.


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