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Heal through Reiki with Makiko at Rayki School

Makiko, teacher and healer at Rayki School, believes in a one-on-one approach with her clients. She explains, “Every being is special, unique and divine. It takes time and needs special attention.” This is a primary reason why her offerings are broad and deep, including Reiki, Soul Reading, Craniosacral work and Quantum Healing meditation. She also offers intensive healing retreats throughout the year for those who are ready for the higher vibrational healing, including one that is scheduled for the end of this year.

A unique aspect of her healing technique is to combine modern science with Eastern healing modalities. Makiko has an extensive science background as well as spiritual roots. Born in Japan, she was spiritually guided by her grandmother who practiced reiki. She explains, “I show the energetic transformation using a technology for those who need that type of information. Others trust their feelings and sensation as biofeedback.” The more tools you have, the more successful your healing journey will be.

Makiko studied Biomedical Sciences at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and cancer biology in various institutions including Johns Hopkins University and Meiji University in Japan. She possesses an innate ability to perceive energy from chakras and tune into the innate rhythmic vibrations of life. With this accumulated knowledge, she continues to explore how the human body and mind are interconnected, and how to maintain perfect harmony to stay young and healthy. Her focus is to spread her knowledge and share how every person can utilize this innate tool to reduce stress and ignite their power within.

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