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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Transform My Life Program

Does it feel like everything is going wrong? Do you think you’re unlucky in love, never have enough money, or are always sick and in pain? According to the Expectancy Theory¸ whatever you focus on expands. If, instead, you want an abundance of love, wealth, health and happiness in your life, you have to adopt new habits of focusing on the positive, through exercises of gratitude and visualization. Beginning January 21, you can join a community of spiritual peers who are also seeking to make changes for the better. Monthly meetings, facilitated by Amara Wiley, will focus on setting new goals and practicing creating a better reality. In between meetings, participants will support each other through a private Facebook page and with an accountability partner. The in-person meetings will provide exercises, activities, discussion and a step-by-step process for creating lasting and positive change in your life.

Make 2018 the most amazing year ever!

Location:  Wellness Rocks, 178 Center St., 2nd Flr, Clinton. 908-868-4311. For information, visit

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