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Body-Centered Psychotherapy at Princeton Integrative Heath

For those who have found that talk therapy is not enough, or who believe that the body and mind are essentially one, The Rubenfeld Synergy Method of body-centered psychotherapy may be just what the doctor ordered.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method is an elegant, powerful system for the dynamic integration of body, mind, emotion and spirit. It is a powerful, non-invasive therapy that combines talk, gentle touch and movement. The method respects the uniqueness of each individual, and puts clients in charge of finding their own inner wisdom and healing.

This method offers exciting prospects to: deal with and resolve painful issues and experiences; increase body-mind awareness; gain inner peace and calm; recover from physical or emotional traumas; explore where emotions are held in the body; and explore memories, emotions and thoughts that have awaited self expression.

Patti McDougall, BSN, PRS, Integrative  RN at Princeton Integrative Health was trained and certified by Ilana Rubenfeld, the founder of the program.


Location: 134 Franklin Corner Rd., Ste 101B, Lawrenceville. For information, please contact [email protected] or 609-512-1468.

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