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Find Serenity Locally: No Kicking, Punching, or Screaming Required

Although the gentle movements of Qigong have been practiced for centuries by seniors in China for health benefits, defining and explaining it can be confusing.

Siobhan Hutchinson, accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher at Next Step Strategies, explains. “The phone rings and a voice timidly asks, ‘Do I need a mat?  Do we roll around on the floor, as I have trouble getting up?’ I can’t help, but gently respond “There’s no kicking, punching, screaming, rolling around on the floor, or backflips.”  Then teasingly add, “No stilettos either.””

Most T’ai Chi forms in this country are considered to be a martial art or have a martial art base. However, T’ai Chi Chih®: Joy thru Movement, is a non-martial art that is more closely aligned with Qigong, the “granddaddy” or umbrella under which all types of “energy medicine” fall.

Those who have experienced the gentleness of T’ai Chi Chih keep returning because of the health benefits and serenity that comes with practice. Even if one cannot stand or stand for long doing these movements, it can be done seated. Plus, its benefits have been confirmed by research, indicating that T’ai Chi Chih specifically helps with increasing immunity, improving sleep quality, and reducing the symptoms of depression.


All are welcome to experience this self-empowering practice at Next Step Strategies’ new location at 1970 Hwy 33 in Hamilton, on Thursdays, beginning February 22 at 6:30 p.m. Registration is a must to 609-752-1048 or [email protected]

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