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Pedicupping Reflexology

New Therapy at Main Street Massage

Do you have foot pain or issues with your tissues? While cupping has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3000 years to alleviate pain and eradicate stagnation, vacuum therapy—a modernization of this ancient tool—can be used to help alleviate foot pain. Known as pedicupping reflexology, gentle vacuum suction cups are moved on feet using gliding, shaking, popping, and rotating techniques.

“The vacuum suction comfortably lifts, stretches, and separates fascia relieving the tightness, pain, and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis. Pressure point techniques also release tension in feet and relieve heel pain,” says Reflexologist Chris Haase. “Pedicupping reflexology also enhances the body’s natural healing ability. It’s a catalyst for change in many foot health situations such as loosening scar tissue and post-surgery adhesions; increasing range of motion and flexibility in ankle and toe joints; and relieving muscle spasms and foot discomfort due to injury or ill-fitting shoes.”

Pedicupping reflexology may also benefit those with diabetic neuropathy. Stimulation of reflex points (nerve endings) and vacuum suction helps balance the endocrine system and promotes water absorption and normal blood and lymph flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue.


February Special!  Location: Main Street Massage, 4 Walter E. Foran Blvd/Ste. 404, Flemington. For info/appt.: 908-806-0266 or email [email protected]

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