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After the Diagnosis: Autoimmune Disease

Mar 01, 2018 10:47AM
Today the frequency of autoimmune issues are increasing as our bodies are struggling to balance the effects that our nutritional and lifestyle choices as well as environmental influences have on our health. Factors such as how we deal with ever-present stress, ignoring and suppressing possible emotional trauma and potential genetic mutations are additional challenges.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition can be a debilitating diagnosis as there are, to date, no real cures. An autoimmune condition means your own body is attacking you, causing irreversible damage to organs and tissues resulting in chronic pain, and often physical deformity. Prescription medication is geared to alleviating symptoms and slowing down or possibly preventing further damage, not reversing the condition or addressing root causes of the disease. While this medication is often beneficial to ensure at least some quality of life, the role that a proactive patient needs to play cannot be underestimated, nor should it be ignored.

While an autoimmune diagnosis requires a permanent life adjustment, symptoms and flare ups can be greatly managed with certain nutritional and lifestyle changes that help down-regulate an overstimulated immune system, curb cellular inflammation, address nutritional deficiencies and support optimal gut health. Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome, is often present in autoimmune disease patients, and this is certainly an area where you can proactively initiate a gut healing process. Addressing underlying emotional trauma is another important area to focus on in an attempt to find the reason why your own body begins to attack itself.

Determining an optimal management plan can seem daunting. Functional testing  can help identify which areas to target—nutritional deficiencies, cellular inflammation, hormonal imbalances, wheat, gluten and food sensitivities, leaky gut as well as gut dysbiosis. Integrative health care professionals and practitioners can then help you taylor a plan for your needs.

Kirstin Nussgruber CNC, EMB is a board-certified in nutritionist, cancer mentor and bestselling author. More info at

Valley Integrative Pharmacy offers functional testing through SpectraCell Laboratories and Vibrant Wellness Laboratories. See ad on page 27.

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