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RAYKI school to Host Summer Solstice Healing Workshop

The Summer Solstice Healing Workshop is a heart opening healing workshop designed to ignite one’s own healing ability. This experiential workshop, held on June 15-17 in peaceful Bayville on the Jersey Shore, is perfect for healers, caregivers, empaths, healthcare professionals, and anyone in need of self-healing. Attendees will learn how to enhance happiness and health through mind, body, and soul integration.

“We come into this world as a whole and complete being, a beautiful and joyful present from a heavenly star. Over time, we forget about this “me,” says Makiko Fliss, PhD, MSc, Rayki School Founder and workshop facilitator. “Many forgotten memories carry key messages. If we can give ourselves a brief conscious “pause,” we may find answers to core questions like why am I here, do I have a soul mission, or even why won’t my pains go away?”

This two-day healing journey allows participants to discover their inner physician and tap into their original blue print. “Many of us start the healing process and stop without completing it. Our soul seeks completion as we are a whole and complete being,” states Fliss. “No matter how broken you may feel, that blueprint is still there to bring wholeness back to your body and mind.”

Friday night features Rev. Chesbro, the author of The Order Of Melchizedek, followed by an opening ceremony which includes the sacred rhythms of a drum circle. Don’t miss this healing workshop weekend by the sea to share energy with like-minded healers and seekers in a deep inner journey of self-discovery and self-integration.

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