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Mar 28, 2018 12:00AM

How the Feet Reveal Secrets of Our Personality and Emotions

By Christel Haase

Is there a gap between your big toe and second toe? Do you have high arches and wide feet or are your feet narrow and ticklish? Jane Sheehan, celebrity foot reader, reflexologist and author of Let’s Read Our Feet, writes that the shape, position, texture and color of feet (including toes and toe nails) reflect a persona’s personality and how they deal with emotions. The art of foot reading, or Solestry, dates back almost 5,000 years to ancient China and India. According to Bobbi Warren, author of What My Feet Say About Me, by analyzing the feet, we can interpret “underlying emotional or thought patterns that contribute to health challenges.”

For example, “Toes that have really short necks, mean [you] may not have much to say but are practical in nature with feet firmly on the ground.” A small toe indicates boredom and a constant search for new challenges. Sheehan believes cracked heels represent insecurity about the future and those with smelly feet are trying to create more space and build more freedom in life. Athlete’s foot sufferers may have developed a tendency to let things get under their skin and experience extreme irritability.

The feet are an autobiography- a daily journal and amazing story of our lives and the path we have walked. The top of feet provides insight into what we want the world to see, while the soles reveal what is being hidden. If tendons and ligaments are prominent on top of feet, we need more support for ideas. Gaps between toes portray inner uncertainty and high arches indicate independence.

Foot reflexology is a holistic technique that activates the body’s natural healing response.  Footwork stimulates and clears blocked energy pathways by removing toxic deposits, or crystallization, in soft tissues and nerve endings, or reflex points, thought to produce pain or disease. According to Reading Toes by Imre Somogye, toes deviating from their normal position, including redness, drop shapes and calluses, mean an accumulation of too much or too little energy. Circulation and flow are out of balance, resulting in physical complications.

Our feet register the changes we experience in our lives and can reveal inner struggles and how we cope with life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Foot reading is suitable for everyone, especially for those who view their feet as just for standing on.



Christel Haase holds a PH.D. in Holistic Health and Certification in Reflexology (the Ingham Method) and Iridology. She has been practicing Reflexology for over 12 years and offers readings upon request.  See ad on page 22.


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