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Cut Clutter, Get Organized

If you’re constantly struggling with getting and staying organized, you’re in luck. Certified Professional Organizer, Amara Willey and Certified HypnoCounselor, Susan Lembo are presenting a workshop about cutting clutter on Thursday, May 10 at 7 pm in Clinton. This transformative workshop not only provides tips and techniques for being more organized, it addresses the underlying causes that are preventing you from lasting organization.

Willey will teach participants the nine habits of the reasonably organized person. With her decades of experience helping people to achieve organizing sustainability, she has unique ideas for organizing that you won’t find in a book. In addition, people will receive a hypnosis session with Lembo. The hypnosis technique that she uses assists participants in breaking through old stuck patterns that prevent them from becoming organized. Hypnotherapy uses repeated phrases and mental imagery to connect with theta-state brainwaves and increase the brain’s focus.

Willey explains, “The combination of practical, hands-on techniques and brain reprogramming has given participants in past workshops new hope. People leave feeling motivated and rejuvenated.”

Cost:  $59. For more information, call 908-868-4311. To register visit

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