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Massage Cupping at Amare Healing Arts

Jul 28, 2018 04:42PM
Cupping therapy has been used as a therapeutic technique for centuries and is in the oldest records of traditional Chinese medicine. Massage cupping takes the basic principle of stationary cupping and incorporates movement by using oil or lotion to glide over the skin. Unlike traditional fire cupping, which uses glass cups and fire to suction the skin, massage cupping uses a hand pump to create a controlled vacuum effect on the tissue. This sedates the nervous system causing the tissue to soften, facilitating rapid release of adhesions while stimulating blood flow and allowing the lymphatic system to clear out excess fluid. Amare Healing Arts offers aromatherapy massage cupping for deep full body relaxation integrated with essential oils as well as medical massage cupping to help target specific medical concerns and engage the body’s natural healing processes.

Amare Healing Arts provides a variety of modalities, from weekly yoga and meditation classes to massage and lymphatic drainage sessions. Owner Ashley Nagrocki takes a holistic approach to healing the body. She is Sivananda Certified Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Medical Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Health Counselor and is Usui Reiki Certified.

Location: Amare Healing Arts, 24 North 3rd Avenue, Suite 100, Highland Park. For information, call 732-841-0142. See ad on page 48.

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