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Touch-Mediated ASMR Sessions

Karen Schweiger, owner of In Your Arms, announces the addition of Touch-Mediated ASMR sessions to its menu of intuitive touch and professional cuddling services. ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which is a tingling sensation usually starting around the base of the scalp that spreads to the neck and upper shoulders.

In online ASMR videos, you might see practitioners tapping their nails on plastic containers, crunching up pieces of paper, brushing their hair or turning book pages. ASMR is not only triggered by videos, but by in-person interactions as well. Many people have reported experiencing ASMR while having their hair shampooed or cut, getting a massage or enjoying a spa treatment. Touch therapy and cuddling is a natural pairing for ASMR, particularly when combined with soft-spoken words or environmental sounds, touch therapy and related practices.

In Your Arms offers intuitive touch therapy through platonic physical interaction to help individuals find relief from everyday stress, anxiety and loneliness. This includes cuddling, holding hands, conversing or a combination, performed in a safe, warm and confidential environment.

For more information, contact Karen Schweiger at 908-313-7758 or email [email protected]. Visit

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