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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

10-Week Spiritual Space Clearing Program

Certified Professional Organizer Amara Willey describes Spiritual Space Clearing as a healing journey from fear to love. During her 10-week Spiritual Space Clearing program, she teaches her clients how to overcome past conditioning and outdated habits in order to create an environment that supports who they truly are.

When our spirit feels heavy, our environment can also become heavy with both clutter and extra pounds. We can clean up our space over and over again, but until we address our spiritual heaviness, our physical environment will go back to its original form.  Amara explains, “Spiritual Space Clearing uses the principles of quantum physics, brain chemistry, and the law of attraction to really change people’s lives for the better.” Each week, she focuses on a room in the house in order to help people simplify and organize their home while empowering them with the tools they need to maintain their sacred space.

For more information, call Amara at 908-868-4311 or visit

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