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Community SpotLight: Paul M. Bizzaro, DC

Dr. Paul Bizzaro attended New York Chiropractic College to obtain his chiropractic education, graduating with honors in 1990. Additionally, he is a certified chiropractic sports physician.

Bizzaro uses a combination of chiropractic treatments and complementary services to reduce pain and improve patients’ overall health. He specializes in soft-force technique chiropractic, eliminating the cracking experienced with standard chiropractic adjustments. His light touch allows him to work with all ages, from infants to seniors. He has successfully worked with bone cancer patients, improving their quality of life without risk of a fracture.

To expand patients’ healing options, Bizzaro offers a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved, fully robotic, class four MLS laser. Because the laser works at the cellular level, its dual wavelengths decrease both pain and inflammation, causing cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles to repair themselves faster, leading to a quicker recovery. It reduces inflammation, increases circulation, accelerates healing and decreases the formation of scar tissue. 

The laser is painless and produces no side effects, making it ideal for those with fractures and dislocations, athletes and arthritic patients.

Having personal experience with the role nutrition plays in health, Bizzaro offers micro-nutrient testing, counseling and supplements, as well as patient-specific nutritional regimens based on their epigenetic profile. Testing can involve ZYTO hand-scanning, saliva and DNA test kits, and detailed blood panels.

Bizzaro’s office has two certified massage therapists available to give therapeutic massages, ideal for reducing pain and stress. 

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