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Interfaith Soul Feast: The Value of Minority Voices

 The world resounds with minority voices trying to be heard while privileged voices feel threatened by the prospect of becoming marginalized. This is evident within and among various religious traditions. Some religious traditions are misunderstood. Some folk are suspicious of religions other than their own. Some minority voices are considered prophetic, some are labeled heretical. What’s the value of listening to minority voices in our current context? How do faith traditions manage dissent and reformation in our changing society? This free two-part event, starting at 1:00 p.m., on February 23, offers an opportunity to speak from the margins and practice listening to minority voices.  

Participants will discover a marginalized voice among their neighbors and befriend them in order to better understanding diverse perspectives. For those who are outliers in their faith community, this is an opportunity to voice dissent to a non-judgmental listener. For those who are unacquainted with a non-majority faith tradition, this is an opportunity to learn from and befriend a religious stranger. For those who are of a non-privileged religious tradition, this is an opportunity to share the values of their sacred tradition.  

During the second session of this event, participants will share their discoveries from personal experience. Make new friends and practice modeling more fruitful dialogue among and within faith traditions. 

Location: Christ Church, 1600 Washington Valley Rd., Martinsville. For more information and to co-sponsor, contact Rev. Susan Joseph Rack at 908 722-2080, email [email protected] or visit

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