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The Cannabis Clinician

Sonia Singh, aka The Happy Therapist™, has come up with a unique formula to offer sufferers of PTSD and anxiety an alternative for her predictably happy patients.

As the discussion of the legalization of marijuana becomes a popular topic on Capitol Hill in 2020, the realization of the medicinal importance of cannabis has been a discussion among health practitioners for millenniums and “The Happy Therapist” is reminding the public of the precious plant’s necessity. Through the founding of her private practice, The Center Of Inner Transformations (COIT), Sonia Singh LCSW, ADAC, aka The Happy Therapist, has developed a unique, outpatient clinical service that allows the average citizen that suffers from mental health issues like PTSD and anxiety to be treated with medical marijuana. 

After hosting the state of New Jersey’s first two groundbreaking Medical Marijuana Card Drives at her Central New Jersey location, the Punjabi-American Rutgers University alum continues to facilitate the Cannabis Health Program at COIT and has even formulated her own therapist-recommended CBD line that she provides in her specialized CBD-Assisted Recovery Program. Singh, who herself has adopted a plant-based diet within the past year, aims to service the naturopathic community and spread the message of overall holistic living. The dank doc decided to sit down with Natural Awakenings to discuss the mission of the Center Of Inner Transformations in 2020, the benefits of the unprecedented Medical Marijuana Card Drives and the purpose of her unique position in streamlining New Jersey residents into the state’s medical marijuana program.

From within the quaint confines of COIT, the balanced energy can be felt in Dr. Singh’s office amidst the carefully arranged precious stones situated across from an inviting display of fidget spinners. The New York-born, New Jersey-bred alternative practice social worker’s calming demeanor and infectious smile was a constant throughout the entire interview. When asked what distinguishes her practice from other social workers and drug counselors in New Jersey, Singh matter of factly replied, “I outreach a special population. Most people who seek out alternative mental health or substance abuse services have not had success or even oppose what traditional outpatient services offer. We take pride in being as different as our clients.” The 34-year-old business owner continued, “As a clinician, I have a responsibility to assist my clients and my greater communities in achieving optimal wellness through a variety of different interventions and tools. I believe that naturopathic medications are much safer and my clients and research show more health benefits and no severe long term damage to our organs. By incorporating specialized interventions and counseling, I’m giving my clients way more than something to help them cope for now. I’m helping them develop wellness routines that will help them grow and optimize their self-coping abilities for a life term.”

Singh, who has served as a licensed clinical social worker and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor in New Jersey for three years, says that her role as a therapist is very distinct from that of a physician that prescribes a patient medical marijuana and assures that her practice will make cannabis (CBD and THC) available for all who qualify. “I offer medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option for our clients who suffer from the eligible mental health diagnoses for NJ’s Medical Marijuana Program, which are anxiety and PTSD.” Singh casually explains, “To obtain your MMP card, you have to have a recent treatment history and receive a referral/recommendation with your medical records from your treating clinician and then bring them to a medical marijuana doctor. But what about the undiagnosed, the self-medicating or all those people who can’t access a referral or recommendation from their providers? We help them. In 2020, we are growing our outreach to help these diverse individuals in accessing medical marijuana.”

Center of Inner Transformations is located at 223 Route 18, in East Brunswick, New Jersey. For more information, call 732-508-0052, email [email protected] or visit

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