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New Jersey Natural Medicine Welcomes New Practitioners

New Jersey Natural Medicine strongly believes in the benefits of a holistic approach to treatment, with a focus on Naturopathic, Chinee and Biological Medicine. The practice is pleased to officially announce the inclusion of two incredible practitioners, Dr. Adam Dombrowski and Dr. Krista Imre. They share the values upheld by the practice and have a passion for helping their patients find renewed health in a gentle, natural way. 

Dr. Adam Dombrowski ND LAC

Dr. Adam’s warmth, purity of practice and approach to health has drawn numerous patients to him at NJNM. The significant health changes that he has been able to help his clients achieve is based solely on his use of natural therapies, naturopathic medicine, lifestyle medicine and acupuncture. He chose the route of holistic medicine after recognizing the shortcomings of conventional medicine, particularly as he saw his father debilitated by chronic disease after the 9/11 attacks. Holistic medicine provided stability in his father’s condition when nothing else worked.

Dr. Adam believes in achieving optimal health through use of holistic therapies and strives to treat disease in the same way. He knows that health is mostly determined by lifestyle and the body’s ability to heal itself. With his passion and focus, Dr. Adam is helping his clients turn their health around and live their best lives.


Meet Dr. Krista Imre ND

From the very first day Dr. Krista joined NJNM last year, she has significantly contributed to the health and wellbeing of her clients. Dr. Krista explains, “My early Waldorf education propelled a craving in my ‘head, heart, and hands’ to understand what it is to be human; how we each experience and respond to the pains and pleasures of our daily lives. I didn’t know then that these explorations would form the basis of my ongoing passion for health and wellbeing.”

While facing her own chronic health problems, she experienced many side effects from the unsatisfactory conventional treatments. She decided to turn to Naturopathy and Ayurveda and found them to be comprehensive medical systems that each address the mind, body and spirit. Using these systems, she was not only able to greatly improve her own health but it also inspired her to become a Naturopathic doctor. She is passionate about her work and tailors her recommendations to resonate with a patient’s specific circumstances. She enjoys the cultivation of the physiological, mental and spiritual beauty that resides within us and strives to listen to each patient and their story with a deep appreciation for the mystery that makes each one of us unique.


Location: New Jersey Natural Medicine, 2424 Lamington Road, Bedminster. For information, please call 973-267-2650, email [email protected] or visit

New Jersey Natural Medicine - Bedminster NJ

New Jersey Natural Medicine - Bedminster, NJ

Since opening in 2004, we have seen and treated countless patients with Naturopathic, Chinese and Biological Medicine. Some come to us to improve and maintain their health, while other... Read More » 


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