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Detox Heavy Metals for Improved Health

Doctor of Natural Medicine Peter Amato and Inner Harmony Wellness Center offer noninvasive muscle testing to determine the presence of heavy metals and toxic chemicals at a cellular level. A comprehensive assessment is shared with the patient that includes a discussion on natural remedies that can help detox the body system to help alleviate symptoms and/or prevent future damage to health in a safe holistic way. The one-hour Detox Consultation is $99 and, for a limited time, includes a free Ionic Detox foot bath (for use at a future date). The foot bath assists the detox process by pulling toxins out of the system while enjoying a warm foot bath.  

“It’s virtually impossible not to come in contact with toxins like heavy metals in our new world, so it’s essential to our health and wellness that we get them out before they can wreak further havoc on our health,” states Amato. “Focusing on nutrition will only go so far. We can consume healthy food and take our vitamins but the heavy metals in our system prevent us from absorbing all the nutrients and minerals. That is why we now focus on detox as well as nutrition. Nutrition is what we put into our bodies and detox is what we take out of our bodies.”

Heavy metals can affect every system and organ, including brain, liver, digestive system and nervous system, and symptoms can include fatigue, digestive issues, sleep irregularities, headaches, brain fog, hormonal issues, bone, and joint pain. 

Amato states, “We will get you sleeping soundly through the night with more mental clarity in the day, a stronger immune system, better digestion and lower risk of future illness.” 

Location:  131 Reynolds Rd., Dalton, Pennsylvania. For information call 570-319-6073 or visit

Inner Harmony Wellness Center - Dalton PA

Inner Harmony Wellness Center - Dalton, PA

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