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The Surprising Joy of Virtual

Oct 31, 2020 03:56PM ● By Janet StraightArrow

2020 has been quite an adventure. As an entrepreneur for 45 years and a professional healer-teacher for many of those years, I am always ready to adapt to what is required to be successful and effective in my work shared with others.

I love to work on Zoom. People have worked with me by phone for decades as far away as Australia. Now with Zoom, we can see and hear one another as if we are in the same room—which we are, which we are virtually speaking.

Zoom opens up possibilities, creativity, and responsibility. Being present together, on-screen helps us relate and stay present.

Students who have wanted to take classes from around the country can now share class with people from many states learning, healing, and sharing.

Interactive classes challenge us to learn how to teach larger groups. It also requires fine-tuning and focus so that the material presented can benefit all students effectively. Information, engagement, practice, receiving, giving, and entertaining are all more real when we look face to face with all people.

The warmth of personal contact is something people think they will miss. So, to be warm, loving, and personal is important even when there is less engagement with students.

Setting the stage for people to receive is even more important now. The key to the healer and teacher is to develop the skills needed to be effective and helpful. And bring joy to the virtual experience. 

For more information, contact Janet StraightArrow, Reiki Master,  Healer-Teacher-Shaman, at 973-647-2500, [email protected], or See ad, page 7.

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