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Liminal Reiki and Guidance Practice Helps Those in Transition

Winter is a time of reflection and retreat. At year’s end we may reflect on our losses and may find ourselves anxious about what comes next. Brigid Burke’s Liminal Reiki practice is designed specifically for people who feel they are “in the gap,” and not sure how to deal with the uncertainty. By using a combination of practices that may include reiki, essential oil therapy, crystals, and astrology or tarot, Burke works to help clients discover where they are in the present moment, to feel balanced, and to look at possible steps for moving forward. The practices used are tailored to the individual’s circumstances. 

Burke’s work is part of a larger venture called Chthonia that includes publishing and podcasting. Chthonia deals with the “dark Feminine” and focuses on the ways in which we alienate ourselves from our own truths by a fear or denial of elements broadly described as “feminine”. This imbalance affects both men and women. 

In November 2020, Burke also published her latest fiction book, The Morrigan Timelines (available at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble). Her books along with many other offerings are tailored for those who wish to explore the more shadowy parts of human life and understand the meaning of these things in their own life. 

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