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Keeping The Faith in 2021

Jan 03, 2021 03:40PM ● By Janet StraightArrow

As we begin this New Year, we might be a bit shy to be so excited about a New Year ahead. That is a very good thing as the excitement for 2020 was an extreme that created a big letdown of disappointment and hurt. So how do we begin 2021?

Lots of good times are ahead with positive possibilities and with challenges to help the planet wake up, take action, and heal. We are continuing to wake up and experience major change on the planet. The astrology is showing ongoing challenges to create correction in ourselves and our planet for another four years. 

How can we be excited, and also be present to the changes and challenges, and stay positive, and productive?

As we lift up into our spiritual awareness, we can see purpose and meaning that help us move through change productively. It is a choice to focus on the positive. Positive supports life. Negative focus and fear negate life and create more negative situations that do not help us or anyone. 

Break any habits of complaining, stay present to what is occurring. We are not victims we are co-creators. So, when challenged, ask yourself, “How can I look at this from a higher perspective?” And, “What do I want to create from this?” 

Spiritual practice seeking meaning and positive outcome allows us to move through these times with wisdom and strength. 

Life is earth school for each one of us to experience gifts and challenges, loss and gains, fun and sadness, all helping us to become more humble and real. When we are humble, we are not feeling entitled to have what we want. We surrender to the best that can be from here and watch new opportunities to show up for us to enjoy, grow, and heal.

Life is a magical mystery. With a positive, generous, loving attitude we can climb the mountain to see the big picture and move gracefully into our next chapters over and over again.

Our attitude is the one thing only we can change and be in control of. Attitude can make us happy and productive, or miserable and depressed. Go for positive, curious, and looking for the best.

Bring you and yours into this New Year looking to live fully and freely and full of hope and love.

Happy New Year All!

Janet StraightArrow, founder of Be The Medicine, is a shaman, healer and sage. For more information on classes, retreats and one-on-one sessions, visit See ad, page 7.

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