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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Awaken the Child Within with Mothballs

Sisters Cindy O’Neill and Barbara Iderosa collaborated together to create Mothballs In My Attic, a spiral bound journey into the past to recollect precious moments for the present. Using an easy to complete fill-in-the-blank format, memories from childhood naturally awaken as a single word from your past triggers a familiar thought, smell or visual sensation. A flood of surrounding memories shaken free is a true “mothballs in my attic” (MiMa) moment.

“This book is about you and your experiences put in a simple fun form. It’s your story—the reawakening occurs with each sentence,” shares O’Neill. “Everyone can enjoy a MiMa moment from the first page to the last. Your childhood memories are just a sentence away.”

The sisters’ motto is “one word is worth a thousand pictures.” Through this delightful book, find time to relax, pull down the attic stairs and enjoy a MiMa moment. 

Mothballs In My Attic is available online. Cost is $19.95 with $5.95 s/h. Book orders of 10+ receive a discount; please email for details.

For more information, contact Cindy O’Neill at 732-887-8111 or email [email protected] See listing, page 36.