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The Power To Heal Ourselves

May 04, 2021 11:56AM ● By Clare Larkin

Could it be that every event we experience in our lives leaves an imprint somewhere in the body?  And that we actually have more power to remove these imprints than previously thought?  Many alternative healthcare practitioners have been saying this for decades. In her 1976 book “Heal Your Body”, Louise Hay writes about how specific ailments are the result of us not letting go of emotional beliefs, issues or traumas. She goes on to list hundreds of common ailments and the corresponding triggering belief or issue at the root of each ailment, and what steps to take to overcome it. This usually involves creating new thought patterns to replace our old, harmful beliefs.

In much the same way as the body being healed, we can also tackle issues dealing with brain functioning and health.  Historically, we have always looked at the brain as a very compartmentalized structure, where every function has its place and damage to an area leaves that function compromised.  However, studies in neuroplasticity prove that where cell damage has occurred, we can actually train our brains through exercises and thought patterns to “borrow” neurons in other parts of the brain and learn that function again.  In his books “The Brain’s Way of Healing” and “The Brain That Changes Itself”, Dr. Norman Doidge explores the science of neuroplasticity. (“Neuro” refers to the cells of the brain and nervous system and “plastic” means changeable or modifiable.)  Dr. Doidge shares first-hand success stories from scientists and patients who have made remarkable changes in various conditions such as neurological diseases and learning disabilities, to name a few.  Research being conducted in the field of neuroplasticity is proving that we have the potential to make great strides in improving the lives of millions of people who suffer with any kind of neurological dysfunction. 

New approaches to the physical body are allowing us to locate and release past trauma as well. In his almost 40 years of studying physical impact and its lifelong effect on the body, Dr. George Roth of the Matrix Institute in Ontario, Canada, has developed a revolutionary therapy known as Matrix Repatterning, which is gaining notoriety throughout the world for its effectiveness in relieving the body of long-held tension patterns caused by previous traumas and injuries.  As Dr. Roth states “Every injury leaves a calling card in the body.”  The energy from these injuries gets trapped in the dense tissue deep within the body.  These injuries cause disruption in the normal bio-electric function of the body’s framework which leads to dysfunction and pain in the more superficial structures such as muscles, joints and ligaments. Matrix Repatterning is a gentle hands on technique that finds and releases the deeper tension, thereby resetting the normal bio-electric patterns, resulting in normal function again. 

Viewed through this lens, imagine the power we actually wield to rid ourselves of what plagues us. Western medicine accepts that when aches, pains and illness show up, managing symptoms is most often the solution.  However, while it does take research and education on the part of the individual, it is possible to learn how to allow the body and mind to heal naturally. It can be done. We have the power. 

Dr. Clare Larkin, DC, CMRP, practices in Warren, NJ.  She is one of only a few Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners in the U.S.  

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