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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

The Experience of Reiki

Shaman, sage, healer, teacher and Reiki master Janet StraightArrow offers healing sessions and comprehensive training programs that offer greater understanding and practice for students to be confident and comfortable in their Reiki practice on themselves and with others. Beginning in September, Advanced Reiki 2, The Protected Healer, and Advanced Reiki bodywork training for all levels of Reiki to advance their healing and practice will be offered. In addition, Reiki Master Training and additional Reiki 1 and 2 classes are offered later in 2021. All training offers certificates and CE’s.

Shares StraightArrow, “Reiki is universal life force energy, a high-vibration energy of healing light and love channeled through the practitioner’s hands to help and enhance healing. This energy is a pure divine vibration that comes from the source of all creation, which some call God, or universe. We all have universal life energy and Reiki enhances and empowers us with strong healing possibilities.”

Reiki teaches that the energy level of humans has been compromised for many reasons. Disease, pain, depression, and more result from lower energy levels. Through the sharing of Reiki, the energy level is raised to assist the body to receive and embody more energy and healing. Reiki is used in hospitals for pre- and post-surgeries, and in wellness clinics to assist patients heal. As a professional healing practitioner Reiki can be used in more settings outside of hospitals.  

“When I began teaching Reiki twenty-five years ago, I realized that everyone benefits from learning Reiki and receiving the initiations,” explains StraightArrow. “Students of all ages and walks of life can experience this way of energizing their body, mind, and spirit, naturally.”

For information or to book an appt., call 973-647-2500 or email [email protected] For details on classes and training, visit See ad, page 13.