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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Reclaim Cherished Memories with Mothballs In My Attic

As the holidays approach, many of us are looking forward to once again being able to celebrate with loved ones. This is the perfect time to connect and reclaim memories that warm the heart and draw us closer. Sisters Cindy O’Neill and Barbara Iderosa collaborated together to create Mothballs in My Attic, an easy way to help memories from childhood naturally awaken as a single word from your past triggers a familiar thought, smell or visual sensation. This charming, spiral bound book guides the reader through a journey into the past to help recollect precious moments for the present. When the flood of surrounding memories shakes free, the experience is a true “mothballs in my attic” (MiMa) moment. 

Just in the time for the holidays, this delightful book is being offered “buy one, get one free.” So get two books for $19.95, with free shipping included.

“This book is about you and your experiences put in a simple fun form. It’s your story—the reawakening occurs with each sentence,” shares O’Neill. “Everyone can enjoy a MiMa moment from the first page to the last. Your childhood memories are just a sentence away.”

For more information, contact Cindy O’Neill at 732-887-8111 or email [email protected] See listing, page 40.