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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Meditation is Easy When It’s Heart-Based

Meditation has proven to offer an invaluable lifeline to escape the whirlwind of the mind and flow into peace and centeredness. Yet many avoid starting because they think it’s too hard to learn. Not so! There is an effortless meditation technique known as Heart-based Meditation that is easy for everyone to grasp. Through the naturalness of this technique, participants learn how the mind works with sound, discover the inner aspects of the heart beyond emotion, and so much more. Offered by 7 Chakras Wellness Center, the training course begins at 12noon, EST, on October 7, and runs for four consecutive Thursdays. The course includes daily reminders and videos. While the course is free, donations are requested.

Course registration: 7 Chakras Wellness Center is located in Watchung. For more information, call 909-251-1200 and visit See ad, page 7.