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The Ancient Practice of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction (also known as spiritual companionship or friendship) is an ancient contemplative practice of lovingly accompanying another as they explore their inner life. Rather than “direct” or act as an expert with all the answers, this type of support takes whatever the individual brings to a session and is supported in discovering a spiritual life that personally resonates. Lauren Phelps is a spiritual director who creates a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental space where people of all ages and backgrounds can explore their spirituality and discover deeper meaning in their lives. 

“Those who consider themselves spiritual-but-not-religious, who have felt marginalized by traditional religion or those who feel they don’t fit into a particular tradition and long to have in-depth conversations about their unique sense of the spiritual are the ones who feel drawn to this type of service,” shares Phelps. She welcomes seekers of all religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Phelps’ eclectic background of study is multi-faith and embraces those of all spiritual traditions or no particular tradition. She has also practiced meditation, primarily in the Insight meditation tradition, for over 30 years. As a certified mindfulness meditation leader, she can provide one-on-one meditation instruction and guidance both within the spiritual direction context and as a standalone offering to individuals and groups. 

Sessions occur every 2-4 weeks via Zoom for one hour. First session is complimentary. Subsequent sessions are $50. 

For more information, call 267-415-6168 or email [email protected]. Online, please visit or

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