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Awakening to What’s Important

Nov 01, 2021 07:03PM ● By Joe Dunne

A few years ago, I wrote a publisher’s column based on the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff ... and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. I think we all have had a refresher course on just how true that is. 

If there has ever been a time of awakening to what truly is important, what we should be dedicating our valuable time and energy to, it is now. Influenced by stress, irritated by this or that insignificant situation, low on tolerance and acceptance, and just plain frustrated, the little things that just don’t really matter get my attention and cause unnecessary friction. 

That needs an adjustment. Fighting over what time we should start the dishwasher may be a sign of our stressful times, but it is still not good. Nor is friction over a million other things that should rightfully land in the “who cares?” bin. 

The time has come to reexamine my thinking. I believe that family, love, friendships and extended family are the foundation of what is important. Love is the root of everything that’s important—receiving it and giving it, not only in words but in actions. Unfortunately, my own expectations too often get in the way.

“It occurred to her that mercy was the ability to stop, if only for a moment. There was no mercy where there could be no stopping.” – Frank Herbert, Dune 

When I think I must give 100%, 100% of the time, then I leave no room for mercy to myself or others. My work, my selfness, my ego and procrastination all get in the way of what I really want, which is to give myself permission to stop. Take a break. Breathe. Let my mind clear. Reconnect with myself and those I love.

To live within what is important and aligned with my beliefs is my responsibility. To straighten out my thinking and couple that with positive action driven behavior is possible. After all, what can I take with me if not that feeling of being loved? Where better to cement that than with my family, friends and those that love me. 

In peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne, Publisher