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All-In-One Digital Business Card

Exchanging information is always important, now it is pretty, professional and easy to customize with CardFly, a digital business card that keeps all your information in one place. Whether you are looking for cost-effective marketing, good customer contact or keeping in touch with family and friends, CardFly is truly an “it’s about time someone thought of this” product. It’s perfect for organizations, realtors, personal cards, pictures, videos, interactive connections. Creating a personal image is simple and fun.

As one customer states, “I have been praying for a marketing tool that combines all my reach numbers, social media, and calendar in one space and CardFly is a marketing utopia! What really sets it apart is the contact capture feature and the ability to customize the card without any additional costs. Brilliant product!”

For more information and to activate an account, visit See ad, page 25.