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The Difference IV Nutrition Can Make in Your Dental Care

Today, we know of dozens of nutrients that are absolutely necessary for human life, including 13 vitamins and 16 essential minerals. We also know that taking more than the minimum requirement of some nutrients can have therapeutic effects - not just preventing diseases of deficiency but supporting the body’s innate healing abilities. 

Nutritional therapies are a key part of the kind of dentistry we do here at the Holistic Dental Center in Millburn, including IV drip therapy as a safe and effective support for a range of treatments. 

Why IV Therapy? Why Not Just Oral Supplements?

Oral supplements are great, but a therapeutic dosage would mean swallowing far more pills than most would be willing to tolerate. 

Delivering nutrients intravenously sidesteps that problem.

Oral supplements have to travel a long path through your digestive system before the nutrients make it into the bloodstream to be delivered to your body’s cells. A fair amount of their power is lost along the way.

IV nutrients bypass the digestive system so they can go straight to your cells, where your metabolism operates. This also means we can deliver nutrients at much higher dosages than you would be able to tolerate when taking them orally. This is especially the case with one of the most important nutrients we deliver through IV: vitamin C. 

IV Vitamin C when Removing Old “Silver” Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that boosts immune function and helps protect against toxic metals such as the mercury that makes up about 50% of each and every “silver” amalgam filling. 

Because of this, IV vitamin C is a crucial part of any sensible amalgam removal protocol, administered during the procedure. 

Improving Oral Surgery Outcomes with Nutritional Drip Therapy

For nearly 100 years now, doctors have been aware of vitamin C’s potential to support wound healing after injury or surgical procedures. This is because of the crucial role it plays in generating new collagen. 

So our surgical protocols involve IV nutrition, as well - not just vitamin C but other nutrients that support the healing process, such as vitamins B12, D, and E. Additionally, we can deliver antibiotics by IV to prevent infection without compromising gut health, as broad spectrum oral antibiotics do. 

Gut health, after all, is critical to oral health. 

Used in conjunction with other biocompatible supports such as platelet rich fibrin (PRF), nutritional drip therapy sets the stage for fast, natural, and uneventful healing for our patients. 

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