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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

New for You in Natural Awakenings

This month, we are excited to introduce two new columns:  Lit Bits and Scam Alert.  

Lit Bits features amazing news and technological advances from around the world, primarily dedicated to healing the planet. “It’s easy to become disheartened about the state of our eco system and the growing threat of climate change. But, if you look, you can find absolutely incredible work being done by individuals, groups, and companies to transform problems into solutions,” shares Managing Editor Kathy Tarbell. 

Scams abound, and there is no lack of creativity in how tricksters attempt to trick us into giving away our money or identity. Scam Alert provides warning of the new and recycled versions, along with helpful advice on how to protect oneself.

See Lit Bits on page 18, and Scam Alert on page 27.