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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

Numinous Mama Brings Holistic to the Motherhood Experience

Dr. Christine Dolahan, Ph.D., founder of Numinous Mama, is passionate about the benefits of holistic and integrative therapies in helping women and mothers with the challenges they may encounter in the different states of the feminine experience. From fertility issues all the way into motherhood, she views the journey as a spiritual and holistic path. 

As she works with clients, Dolahan combines life purpose coaching techniques with different lineages of Reiki, along with any other holistic practice she feels guided to use.  The result is that her clients feel more peace, fun, confidence and joy in their identity as a mother as well as relief on a physical and emotional levels.

Text for free 30-minute Discovery Call. Location:  1 Cherry Tree Lane, Sparta. For more information, text 973-995-6271, email [email protected] and visit