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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey


Healing Moon Therapies in Sparta

Can you imagine a life without anxiety, fear and doubt? There is a way to release oneself from these inhibitors and lead a meaningful, balanced, peaceful and prosperous life. Through a combination of coaching, consulting, and energetic healing arts, Dr. Christine Dolahan, Ph.D., founder of Healing Moon Therapies, helps clients to create a life of meaning and purpose that allows them to experience more joy, happiness, freedom and prosperity.

While much of Dolahan’s work focuses on helping moms on the journey of motherhood, from fertility to postpartum, her expertise benefits all who wish to create the life of their dreams. Using skills from a wide range of disciplines including transpersonal and humanistic psychology, life purpose coaching, Reiki, angelic healing, Vortexhealing®, and yoga along with being an intuitive, medium, and postpartum doula, Dolahan is dedicated to helping clients free themselves from the limitations that hold them back.

It’s time to come back to wholeness and awaken to the greater truth of being. Start your journey today with Healing Moon Therapies.

Location: 1 Cherry Tree Lane, Sparta. For more information,  text: 862-391-9969  or email [email protected] See ad, page 27.