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Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry LLC: Sherry Onweller

Mar 01, 2023 04:46PM ● By Kathy Tarbell

Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry LLC was formed in 2015, but Sherry Onweller, MBA, has been doing organizing since 2002—bringing order out of chaos by breaking down complex projects and situations into manageable, bite-size pieces for her clients. Sherry calls it her superpower. 

Onweller’s passion for organizing was evident even as a child and teenager. Disorganized spaces and organizing projects were challenging puzzles that she enjoyed solving. Her love for helping friends and family get their homes and lives organized grew into a business. 

“I provide sympathetic and nonjudgmental organizing and life strategy coaching services, helping my clients to create a life strategy to be the best versions of themselves that they can be,” states Onweller. By gently “getting into the weeds” with her clients, she helps them implement small and large organizational changes in their homes, work and lives. These systems and strategies help individuals and families effectively and efficiently navigate their lives. It also brings bring balance and peace.

Business owners, professors, teachers, healthcare professionals, lawyers, etc., call on Onweller to help structure time, space, staff and resources. In addition to creating systems and effective, efficient best practices, she also helps them with new habit creation and accountability to keep them on track. Learning about different professions as they work together is also exciting. 

Onweller shares, “When I first started my business, it focused on organizing people’s homes. Then it expanded into people’s work, both from a physical decluttering angle as well as helping them to increase their productivity. This has now expanded into helping people get their minds organized, help with projects for work, home, their kids, volunteer projects, etc. I never expected my business to move in that direction and am thrilled about it.” 

Talking to people, learning and understanding their lives and work, is one of her favorite aspects of her work. Her success in client relationships is strongly due to lending a sympathetic ear and making the task of implementing changes positive and fun.

“My biggest challenge is when a family member or friend hires me for someone else without getting buy-in from that person who will be the client. It is best to have the client onboard with wanting to make a change,” states Onweller. Her ideal client is someone who feels that they are ready to make a change and wants to learn how to implement new ways of organizing their homes and/or lives. In many cases, she finds it is helpful to mentor her clients and to set an example by teaching them how to get organized, setting up systems and, in some cases, working side by side with them to exemplify the changes that are being put in place.

What makes her service different is her sympathetic and nonjudgmental nature and her respect for her clients, combined with a positive supportive attitude. “My clients feel like I make organizing fun and that they have a buddy to model behaviors and processes that they feel they will be able to maintain going forward. My favorite thing is seeing my clients ‘fly on their own’ once they have the tools that I teach them. I become their very proud cheerleader,” shares Onweller.

Prior to creating her business, Onweller earned a B.S. in Supply Chain Management from Penn State University and an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University. She also worked at Nabisco in business analysis and Supply Chain Management, and then at Rutgers, where she helped run two grant funds for life science and non-life science professors. As a Penn State alumna, she volunteers each year at a recruiting and interview weekend for a STEM diversity program that they offer and is helping them to form a parents club for that program. Additionally, she has provided career mentoring at The College of St. Elizabeth and led two Girl Scout troops for 13 years each, helping many girls to achieve their Girl Scout Gold Award. 

“When someone makes that first call to me, I realize that it is often a difficult step to take. I am always so impressed and proud of them to have taken that first step towards making a change in something they feel is not working or that could be better in their lives,” says Onweller. “I am honored that they want to ‘bring me into their world’ and have me help them.”

Everyday Organizing Solutions by Sherry LLC provides services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For more information, call Sherry at 908-619-4561 or email [email protected]. or