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Ethos Farm Project: Cultivating Health through Nature and Community

Aug 30, 2023 08:28PM ● By Jess Spooner, JD, MSW, LSW

Dr. Ron Weiss is not just a physician; he is a visionary weaving healthcare, nature, and community into a transformative tapestry of well-being. As the driving force behind both Ethos Primary Care and the Ethos Farm Project, Dr. Weiss is a true renaissance man whose story resonates with the very essence of holistic health and community engagement.

From ER to Ethos: A Healing Journey

Known fondly as “The Farm Doctor,” Dr. Weiss began his medical journey in the emergency room, where he witnessed the relentless onslaught of health crises – heart attacks, strokes, diabetic emergencies, and more. Fueled by a fervent passion for prevention and healing, he transitioned to his own full-service primary care practice, nestled in the bustling heart of Bergenline Avenue in Hudson County. Driven by the conviction that true health transcends the treatment of symptoms, he sought to shift the focus towards proactive wellness.

A Shift to Preventive Healthcare

His primary care practice was not just another medical practice; it became a cornerstone of its community, trusted to respond during disasters and emergencies. Dr. Weiss’s practice was hailed as one of the most preventative, demonstrating the power of lifestyle medicine in reducing the burden of chronic diseases. However, faced with the challenges of a corporatized insurance landscape, Dr. Weiss sought a new direction.

Reconnecting with the Land: The Birth of Ethos Farm Project

Following years of serving patients, Dr. Weiss embarked on a remarkable journey back to the land. Inspired by a serendipitous encounter with a majestic blue heron and moved by the poetic wisdom of Wendell Berry, he and his wife, Deborah, acquired a historic 342-acre farmstead. Dr. Weiss said, “The heron on the farm felt like a sign from the universe, as if Wendell Berry himself was directing me. It’s as if the land was calling me to heal not just people, but the Earth itself.” Nestled in the embrace of Long Valley, New Jersey, this land was the fertile soil that became the Ethos Farm Project, a visionary initiative interweaving agriculture with healthcare.

A Symphony of Health and Sustainability

The Ethos Farm Project extends beyond mere farming; it embodies a regenerative healthcare ecosystem where well-being sprouts from the earth. Boasting prime USDA soils that hold within them the history of the Lenape Indians, the farm stands as a living testament to nature’s profound ability to heal. Dr. Weiss says, “Health emanates from the soil up, and our ‘living medicines’ are the organic crops we cultivate. They’re the tools we employ to prevent and reverse the chronic illnesses plaguing our society.” 

The grounds also host Dr. Weiss’s groundbreaking primary care practice, Ethos Primary Care. This innovative practice welcomes patients of all ages, offering them the chance to transform their lives through lifestyle changes rather than relying solely on medications. Complementing the primary care practice is the Doctor’s Farm Market, a vibrant hub open to both patients and the public on weekends. Bursting with 80 varieties of exquisite fruits, vegetables, and grains, the market earns accolades for its exceptional quality. 

Next Generation Physicians: Nurturing Holistic Healers

Dr. Weiss’s practice extends beyond the confines of medicine; he is nurturing a new generation of physicians and farmers, integrating holistic practices into their training. The Next Generation Physicians Program embodies this visionary spirit, fostering a cohort of medical students who recognize the interconnectedness of human health, nutrition, and the environment. These future healers gain invaluable insights into reversing and preventing chronic diseases – a crucial facet often overlooked in traditional medical education.

Next Generation Farmers Incubator Program: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability

As a father and steward of the land, Dr. Weiss understands the urgency of transforming modern farming practices. With 99% of American farmland relying on chemical-based methods, soil and ecosystem health are at risk. The Next Generation Farmers Incubator Program nurtures the next generation of farmers to cultivate nutrient-dense foods and restore our planet’s health through regenerative farming. 

A Legacy of Wellness and Sustainability

Dr. Weiss’s dedication to community and environmental well-being radiates through the partnerships and initiatives that have been cultivated at Ethos Farm Project. “Together with the Rodale Institute, Rutgers University, and Princeton University, we’re forging pathways towards regenerative farming practices that can drive positive change on a larger scale,” asserts Dr. Weiss. Beyond these remarkable collaborations, Ethos Farm Project stands as a beacon of Dr. Weiss’s dedication to local food initiatives and his fervent determination to combat food insecurity within the community.

Join the Movement: Ethos Primary Care and Farm Project

Dr. Weiss’s odyssey – from the emergency room to the fertile fields of the Ethos Farm Project – underscores his unwavering commitment to a new healthcare paradigm. According to Dr. Weiss, “Our farm isn’t just a physical space; it’s a movement rewriting the narrative of healthcare and inspiring profound change.” His mission is unequivocal: to address the root causes of health issues and empower individuals to claim their well-being. Ethos Primary Care and Ethos Farm Project stand as powerful examples of the healing synergy between human health, community, and nature.

Embrace Enlightenment and Connection: Farm Days 2023

Experience a transformative weekend of unity and insight at the Farm Days Festival 2023, hosted by Ethos Farm Project. Mark your calendars for September 9th and 10th, as luminaries like Rich Roll, Peter Singer, Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, Dr. Columbus Batiste, Dr. Meagan Grega, and others come together to culminate Dr. Weiss’s visionary journey. This event promises captivating farm tours, rejuvenating mindfulness sessions, plant-based cuisine, cooking demonstrations, yoga, and natural movement activities, all against the backdrop of our serene 342-acre Long Valley, NJ farm. Engage in inspiring discussions exploring the ethics of eating and the profound impact of our choices on personal well-being and the environment. Dr. Weiss extends an open invitation to the community to ‘come out to the farm’ and celebrate a brighter, interconnected future. Secure your tickets now at, and don’t miss the fireside chat between Rich Roll and Dr. Ron Weiss that will bring this transformative weekend to a thought-provoking close.

Embracing a Regenerative Future

Dr. Ron Weiss’s journey, from the intensity of the emergency room to the tranquility of the Ethos Farm Project, underscores his unwavering commitment to providing a different kind of healthcare. His objective is crystal clear: to heal not just individuals, but the planet itself. Ethos Primary Care and Ethos Farm Project beckon us to envision a world where health blossoms from the synergy of nature, community, and self-care.

Location: Ethos Farm Project, 177 West Mill Road, Long Valley. For questions, call 908-867-0059 or email [email protected].  For more information and to join the movement, visit and

Author Bio: Jess Spooner, JD, MSW, LSW, is an accomplished writer and content marketing strategy consultant. Also working as a Trauma Healing & Grief Coach, therapist, and social work professor, Jess brings a wealth of expertise to her writing. Connect at BeautyAndBirch.Com and JessSpooner.Coach.