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Hypnosis for Stress

Everyone feels stress occasionally.  It manifests itself in many ways but we all know it when we feel it. Given all the culturally-induced stress factors in our lives (pressures to succeed, make money, lose weight, be good looking, do more, buy more), it’s no wonder so many of us are stressed out. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as much as 90% of all illness and disease is stress-related, and the presence of stress will make any illness worse. High stress levels are linked to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and suicides.  Stress contributes to substance abuse, depression, absenteeism, poor concentration, and decreased productivity.  

Not all stress is bad, however. A certain amount can be beneficial, motivating us in healthy ways to perform quickly and competently, build our confidence, and produce creative solutions to problems. 

Hypnosis can help us recognize the internal and external sources of our stress, and identify what can change. Additionally, it can be used to help develop coping mechanisms so that when stressful situations arise, we are equipped to face them in appropriately.  At Hypnosic Counseling Center, we will work with you to design a stress-reduction plan that is unique to you, recognizing and avoiding old patterns of response.  Through using the tools of hypnosis, a freer, more enjoyable life, and healthier existence is possible.   

Locations in Flemington, Livingston and Princeton. For information call 908-303-7767 and visit See ad, page 9.    

Hypnosis Counseling Center

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Tick Talk

Spring officially sprung on March 21. We have turned our clocks ahead. We are looking forward to warm winds, sunny skies and the smell of fresh cut grass. The daffodils and tulips have recently bloomed and we are just starting with the yard work that comes with the warmer weather.  Sadly, another season has started ramping up.  Tick season.

•             The best form of protection is prevention. Educating oneself about tick activity and how our behaviors overlap with tick habitats is the first step.

•             According to the NJ DOH, in 2022 Hunterdon County led the state with a Lyme disease incidence rate of 426 cases per 100,000 people. The fact is ticks spend approximately 90% of their lives not on a host but aggressively searching for one, molting to their next stage or over-wintering. This is why a tick remediation program should be implemented on school grounds where NJ DOH deems high risk for tick exposure and subsequent attachment to human hosts.

•             Governor Murphy has signed a bill that mandates tick education in NJ public schools. See this for the details.  Tick education must now be incorporated into K-12 school curriculum. See link:

•             May is a great month to remind the public that tick activity is in full swing. In New Jersey, there are many tickborne diseases that affect residents, including Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, Powassan, and Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis.

•             For years, the focus has mainly been about protecting ourselves from Lyme disease. But other tick-borne diseases are on the rise in Central Jersey. An increase of incidence of Babesia and Anaplasma are sidelining people too. These two pathogens are scary because they effect our blood cells. Babesia affects the red blood cells and Anaplasma effects the white blood cells.

•             Ticks can be infected with more than one pathogen. When you contract Lyme it is possible to contract more than just that one disease. This is called a co-infection. It is super important to pay attention to your symptoms. See link.

A good resource from the State:


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