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Clearing the Way to a Better Life

Dec 04, 2023 12:16AM ● By Joe Dunne

So many of us feel trapped in a monotonous routine, disconnected from a fulfilling life. Often, it’s clear that certain patterns keep repeating and seem to block efforts for positive change. Enter Dave Gansfuss, founder of Elevated Soul. As a life coach, intuitive and energy healer, Gansfuss offers powerful one-on-one private sessions that focus on subconscious reprogramming through the “digging” process. This approach allows for swift and often instantaneous results in addressing specific issues.

The primary goal of the session is to pinpoint and eliminate the unique subconscious belief systems that are blocking or preventing desired life situations to increase the flow of positive experiences and situations in their lives.

Clearing the surrounding energy may also be key to opening the path for desired change. This may include rocks, plants, money, electronic devices, and buildings. Essentially anything material that may need an energetic cleansing to be in alignment with one’s desired life. For example, clearing the energetic imprint of a building can positively influence productivity and achievements. Cleansing the energy of a home may open doors for a quick sale, or make settling into a new home much more harmonic.

Elevated Soul’s holistic energy healing services include clearing; energy healing; subconscious reprogramming; consciousness training; spiritual coaching; spiritual awakening modality; and block clearing. Sessions can be tailored to various areas of life, with common focuses being improving financial abundance, enhancing interpersonal relationships, pain relief, and improving health.

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