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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey


Gong Sound Bath

Relax, Recalibrate, Rejuvenate your energy body

Come, relax, and let go at this 1.5 hour Sound healing Event.  We will begin with a brief meditation to settle into the body and let go of the day.  During this time, you may or may not set an intention for yourself for the Sound Bath.  

Then, you will lay down on your own mat, with blankets, pillows, whatever you need to feel comfortable.  And, let the vibrations bathe over you as you let go of the old energy and allow in the new energy.  

"Ruchi's Sound Gong Baths are absolutely incredible and life-altering. So many amazing sounds fly through the room, and the vibrations permeate my body and burst me open, taking me to another dimension altogether. Each time I attend, the Divine Intelligence coming through Ruchi's instruments, works on a different chakra and organ. I can't get enough, and hope the word of Ruchi's Gong Baths spreads far and wide so more people can experience this healing magic."

Gena N, Somerset, NJ

Date & Time

3rd Thursday

Mar 23, 2023 through Sep 21, 2023

7:00PM - 8:00PM


Sand Hills Wellness Center - 57 Sand Hills Road, Kendall Park, NJ, 08824 57 Sand Hills Road Kendall Park 08824 NJ US

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$25 per person

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