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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey


Advanced Soul Shamanism Ongoing BiWeekly Class

BiWeekly Experience mastery in healing, wisdom, health, and growth.

BiWeekly Class on Wednesdays. Magic happens as we meet and work together on Zoom from many locations. After taking Soul Shamanism 101 and 201, this course offers spiritual growth, healing, ascension, experiencing our soul and oneness in the Universe, and so much more. We have amazing experiences, healing, and knowledge of who we are and how to manifest in the world. Each class offers deep healing, learning and growth. Join us as you are called to, or enjoy the ongoing journey. Soul Shamanism 201 is suggested and not required. The love and community have been such a gift to us all. I have brought the highest experience and teachings to these groups. New teachings from my full tool bag are added each week to continue to open your Shamanic and Spiritual Journey and assist you in living your soul-self in everyday life. 

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday

Jun 12, 2024 through Dec 11, 2024

7:00PM - 9:15PM