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Announcing Eat Holistic’s Nutritional Cancer Care Programs

Dec 09, 2013 05:14PM
NB_EatHolistic_DSC03928_2_2Attention all cancer warriors! If you have been searching for how you can actively take part in your fight against cancer, look no further! Eat Holistic LLC nutritional consultancy specializes in providing nourishing solutions to complement conventional cancer treatments, support post-treatment recovery and optimize a disease-preventive lifestyle.

The conventional way of approaching the fight against cancer is to target the tumor, not the whole body. Cancer does not exist in isolation; it is influenced by its surrounding environment and communicates actively between cells. Founder Kirstin Nussgruber’s mission through Eat Holistic LLC is to empower her clients to actively take charge of their own health by educating them on the conscious choices available to them and coach them through this transformative phase of their lives.

Eat Holistic LLC offers individually tailored nutritional programs that incorporate foods that have been shown to have cancer-fighting compounds. These super foods help boost your immune system as well as potentially reduce the toxic side effects and increase the efficacy of conventional treatments.

Nussgruber, a twice breast cancer survivor, credits adopting a holistic approach that equally incorporates body, mind and soul to helping her tolerate her therapies and emerge as a thriving survivor. She explains, “you have access to a natural pharmacy right on your plate! While doing what you need to do anyway – eating - you can actively take part in creating an internal environment that is potentially inhospitable to cancer.”

For more information, call 908-512-2220, email [email protected], or visit

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