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Natural Awakenings Central New Jersey

My Day of Healing: Hormone Balancing Retreat

Hormones drive our bodies, sleep patterns, moods, build bones, aid in digestion, build muscles, widen coronary arteries, balance blood sugar, support our reproductive system and keep us vibrant. Synthetic chemicals and the toxins our bodies encounter daily adversely affect hormones. These chemicals contribute to human illnesses, such as cancer, asthma, as well as breast cancer and obesity.

On Sunday, October 19, from 9:30am to 5pm, the My Day of Healing retreat will help you gain practical insights and wisdom about your body. Five integrative practitioners will show you effortless ways to listen to your body, release stress and understand the impact your hormones play. The presenters bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge about the treatment of various hormone disorders.

Held in a beautifully restored barn in Stockton, guests will enjoy their autumnal country surroundings, clean air and fields of green. The picturesque venue enhances the feeling of luxury and wellness. As an added treat, homemade organic food will be served to all guests.

You will learn how to balance hormones naturally with the use of QiGong and botanicals, understand how your inner body dialogue is affected by your hormones, learn about the dangers of toxicity as hormone disruptors and more. $120/one participant, $190/two participants.

Location: Stockton. For more information, call 215-862-0138 or email [email protected]

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