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Body, Mind and Spirit

Jan 14, 2016 02:35PM
Minister Valerie Pyles’ Holistic Approach to Healing from Trauma

Body, Mind and Spirit reflects Minister Valerie Pyles’ holistic approach to psychotherapy. Its goal is to assist the individual in peeling back the layers of pain and negative core beliefs which have kept the person bound, stressed, depressed and traumatized.

“Prior to the occurrence of a traumatic event, the assumption that ‘the world is good and all that’s in it’ becomes damaged. Your life suddenly feels out of control, vulnerability sets in and your world no longer feels safe and secure,” says Minister Pyles. “Following trauma, we often survive and function well only by wearing a mask in public. However, at some point, this false self begins to give way to the impact of trauma, i.e., feelings, thoughts, relationships, behaviors, attitudes, hopes and dreams.”

With over 20 years ministerial experience in addition to 12 years of experience in the field of mental health, Minister Pyles’ compassionate and skilled approach helps her clients focus on becoming healthy and whole, emotionally and spiritually.

Body, Mind and Spirit seeks to provide the individual with resources and tools that will give insight into one’s symptoms, beliefs, behaviors and feelings about past/current experiences endured; and empower the individual to help themselves long after they no longer need its services. Through ministry and mental health services, Body, Mind and Spirit seeks to enhance, protect and restore the spiritual, social and emotional well-being of adults and youth.

Minister Valerie D. Pyles is a graduate of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and Kean University, an associate minister and licensed social worker. In addition, she is also a renowned and dynamic lecturer, public speaker, workshop/seminar/retreat facilitator.

Located at The Professional Center at Somerset, 29 Clyde Road, Suite 201, Somerset. 908-380-3522. [email protected].

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