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Try Hypnosis to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any New Year’s resolutions are not kept because they involve long-term habits that are difficult to change without help. Hypnosis can be an effective tool to assist individuals with resolutions, especially in regard to improving their health. The Hypnosis Counseling Center (HCC) has 30 years of experience helping clients attain their goals and successfully change their lives for the better. With offices in Princeton, Flemington and Livingston, HCC offers both individual and group counseling. The type of session depends on the specific problems, needs and personality of the client. HCC provides group counseling for smoking cessation and weight loss in more than 30 adult and continuing education schools throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Counseling Center does counseling sessions via Skype as well.

Hypnosis has been medically approved as a safe, painless and customizable way to aid individuals with a variety of behavioral issues including phobias, fears, sports performance, insomnia, migraines, stress reduction and myriad other conditions.

HCC Director Barry Wolfson says that hypnosis can eliminate yo-yo dieting and help individuals reach an ideal weight by eating healthy and satisfying meals. It is also used successfully for the cessation of smoking—one of the most difficult habits to break—without anxiety, weight gain or mood swings.

Location: Offices in Princeton, Flemington, and Livingston. For information, call 908-303-7767 or visit

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