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Resolve the Roots of Your Allergies with Energy Medicine

Mar 02, 2017 10:03AM
Did you know energy medicine can effectively clear allergies? If you are an allergy sufferer, chances are you’ve tried “everything” to alleviate the annoying, uncomfortable, and sometimes debilitating symptoms that come from your body’s immune system trying to fighting off a perceived invader. Most of the time, however, you and your doctor or practitioner, are focused on just the physical or environmental causes.

We also need to look at the energy patterns behind the allergy because often they stem from incidents at the emotional and mental level. They may have spiritual causes, and they may be the result of an energy pattern, thought or memory held in the subconscious or unconscious.  They can even be the result of triggered energy from a past life incident where you were harmed in some way by the thing that is now causing you allergy symptoms in the present.

By working up higher in the energy body field (emotional and mental levels) and in higher and deeper in your levels of consciousness (spiritual conscious and the physical body’s subconscious and unconscious), we can get to the root cause of the allergy, not just address the symptoms.

There are three energy medicine approaches which may be useful in addressing allergy conditions:

  • Spiritual Response Technique (SRT)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka “Tapping”), and 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
These work at the subconscious and unconscious layers and deal with releasing and clearing stuck energy, dysfunctional thought patterns, and limiting or untrue beliefs.  You can experience results fairly quickly, sometimes immediately, depending on how ingrained the energy patterns are in the person’s energy field. There are no side effects, except feeling better and lighter!

Combining these with other holistic support to help the physical body clear out any residual toxic or negative energy through Reiki, Homeopathics, Herbals, and BioMat treatments can go a long way to resolving the allergy pattern completely.

As we head into Spring, consider getting an energy body tune-up and clearing to help get rid of those pesky allergies so you can enjoy the new season!

Sue Ann Seccia-Harnden provides consultations in-person and by phone/Skype. can be reached at 908-730-0658 or [email protected]. See ad on this page.

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